Profloor Products

Pro-Floor® EF

Event flooring

  • Versatile and light-weight flooring
  • Rolls up for storage and handling
  • Protects grass and other sensitve surfaces.
  • Keeps grass alive by allowing air, light and water transmission
  • Corporate branding
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Pro-Floor® GP

Grass protection

  • Specifically designed as a cover for stadium grass, golf courses and turf clubs
  • Promotes grass growth
  • Special translucent polymer allows light to permeate through the flooring
  • Grass can remain covered for longer than PRO-FLOOR® EF
  • Variant of PRO-FLOOR® EF
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Pro-Floor® GLO

Glow in the dark

  • A glow-in-the-dark floor tile that interlocks with all other
  • PRO-FLOOR® variants.
  • High visibility for night time events to indicate the end of seats rows, emergency exits and illuminating a path to toilets.
  • Charges in sunlight, glows up to 4hrs.
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Pro-Floor® Outdoor Floor

Caravan and Camping

  • Cover any surface
  • Light weight
  • Rolls up
  • Fits in boot or caravan
  • Hose off to clean
  • UV protected
  • No limit to size, just keep adding
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Pro-Floor® MR

Pit Garage flooring

  • Portable floor for temporary installations
  • Resistant to common automotive fluid used such as petrol, oils, brake and clutch fluids and cleaning solvents
  • Capable of withstanding high static loads such cars
  • Keeps tools and people clean and out of the paddock mud
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Portable roadway

  • Light-weight portable road.
  • Supports light-medium vehicles.
  • Protects natural grass and other surfaces from being rutted by wheel loads and traffic.
  • Hexagonal shape tiles that can link together to form a roadway.
  • Provides clean access for vehicles.
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Pro-Tech Mats®

Rapid deployment

  • Allows access for vehicles over soft or boggy ground
  • Support the weight of cars, vans, trucks and cranes
  • Very tough and flexible
  • Easy to use for rapid deployment
  • Portable rectangular mats that can lock together
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Heavy duty platform

  • Temporary access roads
  • Loading platforms
  • Workshop and temporary warehousing floors
  • Stage builds
  • Crane platforms
  • Marquee floors
  • Military operations
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Pro-GridTM ………………

Ground reinforcement

  • Low cost and permanent.
  • Used for carparks and to stop soil erosion.
  • Individual tiles locked together and placed over a prepared base.
  • Holes in the tiles are then filled with an aggregate.
  • Soil and grass may then be overlayed.
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Heavy duty roadway

  • Supports huge loads such as buses, trucks and cranes.
  • Can stay over grass for 2 times longer than aluminium panels without turf damage.
  • Installs quickly using a forklift
  • Interlocking panels
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